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Coaching Packages offer golfers the opportunity to dive deep into the development journey, creating change in how they train and perform. Typically after the initial session we will choose which package will be best suited for your level of commitment.

All packages include bonus credits. These credits can be earned or loss during the duration of the package and used for additional studio time or coaching sessions. See breakdown for bonus credits below package breakdowns. 



Initial Session

4 Coaching Sessions

2 Bonus Credit

Duration: 2-3 months.

Bonus Credit if completed in <2 months. 

Book as you go.

Expires after 5 months.



Initial Session

8 Coaching Sessions

1 In-Studio Playing Session

4 Bonus Credits

Duration: 5-8 months.

2 Bonus Credits at completion of package.

Book up to 4 sessions in advance. 

Expires after 12 months.



Initial Session

15 Coaching Sessions

2 In-Studio Playing Session

8 Bonus Credits

Duration: 10-12 months.

4 Bonus Credits at completion of package.

Blocked time booking.

Expires after 15 months.

Bonus Credits

Bonus Credits are a multi-purpose tool to provide incentive as well as consequence. Bonus credits can be used for additional services offered by Coach Carter Golf. As a tool they will be used as a wager, earned or loss, in coaching sessions from time to time to help facilitate "consequence" in training. They are also earned at the completion of each package, they can also be loss by last minute cancellations.

See below to for the value of bonus credits. 

1 Credit

  • 1hr. of Studio Time

  • Cancellation <48 hrs.

2 Credits

  • Club Asess./Fitting Session

  • 1 In-Studio Playing Session

  • Cancellation <12hrs

3 Credits

  • 1 Coaching Session

  • No Show for Session

If you are interested in a package for yourself or as a gift, please provide contact info and inquiry.

You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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