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Golfers Celebrating All That Is Pure In The Game We Love.

Hosts, Carter Bennett and Jon Roy, hope to bring a new lens on themes of development, performance and process.

The goal of the pure golf collective is to investigate and celebrate the intrinsic values of golfers and our obsession to the purity of the game. The collective is not just who we hear on this podcast but any person invested into growth and connection to golf. 

On the podcast we will take a deeper dive into themes around the game, not to suggest or conclude that there is any one way to improve or master it but rather create new perspectives and in turn allowing mastery, development and performance to take on a new meaning for each of our listeners. Investigating the intrinsic values of all golfers, beginner to advanced, to further understand how each journey is unique but the experience, the struggles and joys are all so similar to the golfing collective. We are golfers celebrating all that is pure in the game we love. 

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